Valloire – Climbing

High climbing - Daily programs.
Group or individual tours for beginners and advanced hikers (82 euros)
Climbing and Via Ferrata
In Valloire, 3 Via ferrata introduce you to a world of verticality, in complete safety, with cables and rungs.

Poingt Ravier Via Ferrata:
Graded PD (not very difficult), for every levels from the age of 7.
Length: 500 m - Variation in level: 200 m (from 1430 m high till 1630 m)

Rock St Pierre Via Ferrata:
1st part: sporting and elevated circuit, for those who practice regularly climbing or mountaineering - easy variations. Graded TD ( Very difficult)
Length: 400 m - Variation in level: 150 m
2nd part: elevated circuit with many footbridges. Graded AD (fairly difficult)

Télégraphe Via Ferrata
Graded AD/D (from fairly difficult to difficult)
Very elevated circuit, divided in two parts.
Variation in level: 892 m (from 698 m high till 1590 m)

Valloire proposes 169 tracks.

Saint Pierre Rock: 43 tracks (difficulty: 3 to 6b)
Poingt Ravier Rock:
-via ferrata area: 26 tracks (difficulty: 3 to 6b)
-"La Chapelle" area: 100 tracks (difficulty: 3 to 7)
Tel : 04 79 59 03 96

Adventure Parc- Forêt de l'Enfer
Acrobatic circuit in the trees.
For each person a degree of difficulty:
6 circuits: green, blue, red and black - footbridges - Monkey bridges -Tyrolienne (80 m)- Tarzan Jump!
Minimum height: 1,30 m
For those less than 1,30 m: kids and Super kids circuits, from the age of 2.
Length of circuit: 2h30

Open from 28/06/10 till 29/08/10 from 10am to 7pm. All year long, on demand.
RATES: from 10 to 18 euros.

Tel : 04 79 59 02 41
Fax : 04 79 59 02 41

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